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The Balcans

The participation of foreign authors has been a long-standing Poetry Days tradition. The collection of authors included each year is assembled according to various principles and also just by fortunate happenstance and coincidences connected with our own authors. In order to gain a more concentrated impression of events occurring in the world of poetry in […]


The Poetry Days Award has been an important honour for many years and the Latvian Writers’ Union has been its originator at every stage of its history.


The first Poetry Days were celebrated on 11 September 1965 at Communard Park (now known as the Esplanade) in honour of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Latvian poet Jānis Rainis. The Rainis Monument was unveiled as part of this celebration.


The Latvian Writers’ Union ARNO JUNDZE Mob. phone +371 29161981A. Čaka Street 37-1, Rīga, Project manager of Poetry Days JEĻENA BUDANCEVA Mob. phone +371 26372902

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